USA Cards and Payments Market Share and Stats to 2022
Cards and Payments Market in the US

Report summary:

researchFOLKS’ ’‘USA Cards and Payments Market Analysis” report offers a distinct range of possibilities in the market of payment cards along with the accurately validated statistics of operational cards in the market and their total transactional values. It suggests profitable marketing strategies considering the competitive landscape in the market, purchase trends, payments options in online trade and significant government frameworks impacting the overall payment cards market in the US.

Our report kindles the hidden opportunities with dependable information about different types of card transactions, volumes of cardholders, market proportion, current accounts, increase within the number of cards, credit cards outstanding balances, transactional values, details of the issuers at the side of available banking schemes and futuristic analysis of overall cards and payment marketplace in the US.

Highlights of the report:

The revolutionary trends in the e-commerce industry, cards penetration in the market, merchant acquisitions, and the advent of mobile and electronic wallets. The rapid transition towards EMVs and contactless card payments at POS terminals.

Tough market competition from mobile operators in the form of their own convenient payment options like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. As of 2016, there were more than 7 million vending machines in the US, and the revenue generated by the vending machine industry was higher than USD 70 million.

Increasing switch from cash transfers to card payments with lucrative benefits from card providers, merchants and online retailers. As of 2017, pay later card was the most preferred payment option for internet shopping and purchases with Visa accounted close to 60% of these transactions.

A 100% growth rate in the chip-based cards use in 2017, from 26% at the start to 55% at the end of the year. Impact of government regulatory frameworks like Durbin Amendment, Federal Reserve Regulations, the US patriotic act of 2001 and others on the cards and payments industry of the USA.

An in-depth comparison of the pay now and pay later cards, along with all the available number and future trends in the market. Increase in the NFC-based POS terminals, mPOS terminals and contactless ATMs across different cities of the nation. Comprehensive details about all the leading competitors in the payment cards market of the United States.

List of companies mentioned in the report:

    • American Express
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • Wells Fargo
    • Bank of America
    • PULSE
    • First Data
    • Worldpay
    • Vantiv
    • Visa
    • Discover
    • Mastercard
    • Capital One

Scope of the report:

    • The functioning of the USA's cards and payments market and complete analysis of the market drivers
    • It provides conventional and contemporary information about payment cards of the US and market predictions till 2022
    • It details the emerging payment solutions and their economic, regional and business impact on the cards and payments industry in the US
    • Detailed information about existing market leaders, their strategies and government policies driving the payment cards market

Key questions answered by the report:

    • What is the adoption rate of the USA’s Cards and Payments market and different types of cards in circulation?
    • Who are the leading card issuers, scheme providers, and third-party providers influencing the US payment cards market?
    • What are the growth opportunities provided by the alternative payment options in the USA's market?
    • How are the emerging technologies and new product launches affecting the local cards and payments market of the country?

Reasons to purchase this report:

    • Enhance the decision-making with the comprehensive information about trends, conventional statistics, and forecast for next five years
    • Understand the competitive landscape in the US cards and payments industry and their marketing strategies
    • Unfold hidden growth opportunities with the use of data about emerging transitions in the market and customer transactional behaviors
    • Broaden the insight about regulatory policies and frameworks that impact the USA’s cards and payments market
Table of Contents:

1. Definitions

2. Research Methodology

2.1. Research Process

2.1.1. Market Sizing

2.1.2. Competitor Analysis

2.1.3. Market Forecasting

2.1.4. Quality Control Process

3. Executive Summary

4. Industry Bench-marking

5. Market Attractiveness

6. Industry Enablers/Market Drivers

6.1. Emerging Payment Technologies

6.2. Growing E-commerce Market

6.2.1. E-commerce Mix by Payment Method

6.3. EMV Migration

6.4. Contactless Cards

7. Regulatory Framework

8. Key Industry Events

9. Market Sizing

9.1. Total Cards Market Snapshot

9.1.1. Total Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.2. Debit Cards Market Snapshot

9.2.1. Debit Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.2.2. Scheme Providers Market Share, 2017

9.2.3. Key Issuers Market Share, 2017

9.3. Pay Later Cards Market Snapshot

9.3.1. Pay Later Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.3.2. Scheme Providers Market Share, 2017

9.3.3. Key Issuers Market Share, 2017

9.4. Credit Cards Market Snapshot

9.4.1. Credit Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.5. Prepaid Cards Market Snapshot

9.5.1. Prepaid Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.6. Charge Cards Market Snapshot

9.6.1. Charge Cards Market Size, 2013-2022

9.7. Payment Terminals Market Size, 2013-2017

9.8. Payment Instruments Market Size, 2013-2017

9.9. Card Fraud Market Size, 2013-2017

10. Merchant Acquiring Business

10.1. Business Overview and Key Operators

10.2. Regulatory Framework

10.3. Technological Changes

11. Market Segmentation

11.1. Cards for Students

11.2. Cards for Travelers

11.3. Cards for High-income Customers

11.4. Cards for Frequent Shoppers

12. Key Operators in the Market - Company Profiles

12.1. American Express Company

12.1.1. Company Snapshot

12.1.2. SWOT Analysis

12.1.3. Cards Portfolio

12.2. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

12.2.1. Company Snapshot

12.2.2. SWOT Analysis

12.2.3. Cards Portfolio

12.3. Bank of America Corporation

12.3.1. Company Snapshot

12.3.2. SWOT Analysis

12.3.3. Cards Portfolio

12.4. Citigroup Inc.

12.4.1. Company Snapshot

12.4.2. SWOT Analysis

12.4.3. Cards Portfolio

12.5. Capital One Financial Corporation

12.5.1. Company Snapshot

12.5.2. SWOT Analysis

12.5.3. Cards Portfolio

13. Appendix

13.1. Total Cards Market Stats, 2013-2022

13.2. Debit Cards Market Stats, 2013-2022

13.3. Prepaid Cards Market Stats, 2013-2022

13.4. Credit Cards Market Stats, 2013-2022

13.5. Charge Cards Market Stats, 2013-2022

13.6. Payment Terminals Market Stats, 2013-2017

13.7. Payment Instruments Market Stats, 2013-2017

13.8. Card Fraud Market Stats, 2013-2017


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