France Insurance Market Analysis and Growth Report, 2018
France Insurance Market Analysis and Growth Report, 2018

Report Summary:

researchFOLKS’ ’‘France Insurance Market Analysis” report offers a retrospective analysis of trends and events occurred in the industry in the recent few years with forward looking statements and also a comprehensive view on the impact of growing customer data volume and technology adoption in the industry. The report also provides accurately validated market statistics of both life and non-life segments along with the future projections till 2022. 

Technology, connectivity and internet usage has revolutionized the industry and offering huge growth opportunities for the insurers, which is encouraging them to pursue innovation with data and technology providers in order to improve their capabilities and product offerings. However, this has created evolving risks from cyber threats. In our report, we pinpoint how the insurers are responding to changing technology landscape and addressing cyber related issues in greater detail.

Our report also touches on various innovative distribution channels adopted by insurers, market growth drivers, emerging technologies in the market and industry benchmarking with other peer countries and their relative market positioning for both life and non-life business segments. In addition, the report also touches on regulatory framework, and broader implications of regulatory policy changes on insurance market.

Insurance Market in France - Highlights of the report:

The total gross written premiums of the insurance industry of France was registered as EUR210 billion in 2016 with steady market growth. Several distribution channels are influencing the insurance market of the country. The insurance companies are focusing on increasing their profits and combat the intense market competition. Mergers and acquisitions have been significantly increased in the industry.

Due to the low-interest rates, difficult economic conditions and increasing market competition, the insurance industry of France is expected to have negative growth in upcoming years. The restriction to the sales of existing products by the insurance companies is shifting the business towards unit-linked and protection products in the country.

Digital disruption in the insurance industry is transforming the traditional business models of the companies in the country. The Internet of Things is used to collect large volumes of customer data in households to eliminate the risk of various accidents like leakage of gas or pipe bursts in homes. Telematics is adopted by the companies to track the driving behaviour of the users to offer tailored products.

InsurTech is rapidly emerging in the country providing innovative solutions to insures in improving the customer satisfaction. Mobile applications, chatbots, digital platforms and collaborations with start-up companies are providing new growth opportunities to the insurance companies of France.

List of Companies mentioned in the report:

    • AXA
    • AGF 
    • CNP Assurances 
    • Covea
    • Euler Hermes 
    • Europ Assistance
    • Groupama
    • RCI Banque
    • ROAM (Reunion des Organismes d'Assurance Mutuelle) 
    • SCOR SE
    • Compagnie Française d'Assurance pour le Commerce Exterieur

Scope of the report:

    • The overview of insurance industry market and comprehensive analysis of the market drivers
    • It provides conventional and contemporary information about insurance market and predictions till 2022
    • It details the emerging technologies and various distribution channels adopted by insurers to improve the customer base and their economic, regional and business impact on the overall industry
    • Opportunities presented by Insurtech startups to the insurers, investment in Insurtech companies and key trends to watch in Insurtech market
    • Detailed information about existing market leaders, their strategies and government policies driving insurance market

Key Questions answered by the report:

    • What is the penetration rate of life and non-life insurance business segments; and the futuristic overview?
    • Who are the leading insurers in the market and what strategies they are adopting to maintain leadership positions?
    • What are the growth opportunities provided by the alternative distribution channels to the insurance market?
    • How are the emerging technologies and new product launches affecting the local insurers of the country?

Reasons to purchase this report:

    • Enhance the decision-making with the comprehensive information about trends, conventional statistics, and forecast for next five years
    • Understand the competitive landscape in the insurance industry and their marketing strategies
    • Unfold hidden growth opportunities with the use of data about emerging transitions in the market and customer transactional behaviors
    • Broaden the insight about regulatory policies and frameworks that impact insurance industry market
Table of Contents:

1. Definitions

2. Research Methodology

2.1 Research Process

2.1.1 Market Sizing

2.1.2 Competitor Analysis

2.1.3 Market Forecasting

2.1.4 Quality Control Process

3. Executive Summary

4. Industry Benchmarking with Peer Countries

5. Market Attractiveness

6. Regulatory Framework

7. SWOT Analysis

8. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

9. InsurTech Landscape

10. Industry Enablers/Growth Drivers

11. Market analysis by business segment

12. Market Analysis by Distribution Channels

13. Key Industry Developments

14. Industry Outlook

15. Key Operators in the Market – Company Profiles

16. Appendix

16.1 Industry Stats


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