Company Tech Profile
Company Tech Profile

Every company is now called a software company due to the increased reliance on technology. researchFOLKS' Company Tech Profile Reports help you identify the right business opportunity in your prospective customers. The reports aid in identifying and qualifying opportunities for technology outsourcing, consulting, and IT rationalization. In case of big clients, our tech profile reports can also help you in spotting innovation partnerships. Needless to say, these reports are a great addition to our offerings.

Company Tech Profile report includes:

  • IT Overview – Gives a snapshot of key technology implementations across various functions and the investment drivers in IT
  • Key Technology Implementations – Provides the list of various key technologies that are used to build various legacy and digital applications
  • IT Budget Analysis – Analysis of the company’s IT budget and its division into various ICT categories
  • Recent IT Initiatives – Detailed analysis of the company’s adoption of emerging technologies like IOT, Automation, Cloud Computing, etc.
  • Key IT Partnerships – Analysis of company’s IT partnerships including IT outsourcing engagements
  • IT Org Chart – A detailed chart of core IT team members who lead technology related activities of various strategic business units and divisions.
Table of Contents:
  • IT Overview and Budget
  • Key Technologies
  • Key IT Contracts
  • IT Org Chart
  • Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer Profile
  • Company Overview
  • Business Description
  • Products and Services
  • Geo Presence
  • Financial Performance
  • Growth Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Key Competitors
  • Board of Directors
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Key Management Bios
  • History
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